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Think like a tree

Unlocking nature's secrets to happiness, health, and well-being

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Do you have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome? Do you sense that you want to make changes or think about life in a different way but you're unclear about how to go about it? Maybe you want to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle, take some time to consider your own self-care, or even design a small business or your child's home education programme? Or maybe you have experienced a significant life event such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, a health concern, or loss of job. Nature has an incredible power both to heal and to teach us, particularly in the face of perceived change and adversity. 

Think like a tree is a 15 hour course that supports you to work through a 12 phase design cycle, drawing on the patterns and principles inherent in nature's design, to develop a toolkit that can be applied to any aspect of life. 

The course can be offered through weekly or fortnightly sessions, or organised as a three day intensive course.  You will be supported to develop your own design portfolio and encouraged to develop your skills at home between sessions (with a recommended 10-12 hours of additional time outside of sessions).  Alongside other group members we will reflect together on our experiences and support each other to embrace the often very different way that nature does things.

Prepare to use your edge and step out of your comfort zone in a supportive and safe space, to challenge your existing thought patterns, and to open your life and mind to the world of nature - because that is what you are! 

Each session involves observing nature directly and practicing skills in being present and aware in order to do so. This in itself has been well evidenced to be at the heart of our well-being, with a growing body of literature testifying to the healing power of being in the natural world. 

As a Think like a tree facilitator I am currently offering one to one sessions or programmes and workshops to specific groups on request:

- family sessions

- schools and learning groups

- teams and community groups

- workplace self-care

- parent groups

- home schooling groups

I will be touring in 2021 with Think like a Tree workshops alongside other exciting nature inspired well-being support activities as part of the wider Permacare Project so watch this space!  In the meantime, if you are a specific group or individual looking to do the programme then please get in touch.  

You can also visit the main Think Like A Tree website here to learn more about the courses and workshops, buy the book, or to see if there is already a course running in your area.

Course Fees

Individual/family sessions are charged at £30 per hour. 

The full 15 hour group course is offered at £150 per person, with a limited number of places available at a concessionary rate of £70 for those on low income or struggling financially. 

Bespoke workshops for specific groups are charged on an ad-hoc basis, depending on your requirements.

For more information about Think like a tree, including where to buy the book and other course dates visit the Think like a tree website here.

Think like a tree is a registered trademark and intellectual property of Sarah Spencer.

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