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Nature as Teacher
Consciousness as Primary

It's Time to Reconnect

"in the beginning was the Tao; 

all things issue from it;

all things return to it.

                       Tao Te Ching, Verse 52

Have you ever wondered how you grow your hair? How you breathe? Shed your skin? multiply the cells in your body? Have you noticed that it all happens of its' own accord? You don't need to think about it to make it happen, it just does it.


Have you ever wondered how a tree grows it's acorns? or a flower blooms into stunning, glorious symmetry from it's beautiful tiny bud?


Science has come a long way in exploring these questions, and with research we can explore some of the mechanisms through which all the magnificent natural phenomena happen, but what drives those mechanisms?  

And when we are doing our research, what are we observing with and through?


What drives the spontaneous growth, behaviour, and Perfection that exists in the natural world, and in you?


Asking these questions, is a helpful way to support our reconnection with the natural as well as to inquire into our True Nature. 


Whatever is happening to make that flower bloom, that bird fly, and the whole of the planet to breathe - this is also happening with you!

The air that we breathe is in one moment inside our body, and in the next is outside. That same air is also breathed by the trees, plants, birds, and all other life around.


We exist as one big beautiful net, all working simultaneously and in symphony.


Yet the sense of 'I' that we move to the beat of seems to lead us to feeling that we only exist inside our own skin, or indeed - in our own heads! 


We have become so identified with our thinking and intellectualising that we have grown to miss the reality, the truth, of our existence.

We BELIEVE that we are separate little individuals that are all alone yet relying on the 'external' world outside of our skins to function. This assumption of separation can make us feel worry, anxiety, and angst, as we move through life feeling the need to compete, achieve, and 'get' from what is around us.


This is a travesty, and we can see this no more clearly than when we observe the interactions that the modern world has with nature - using it as a commodity, and abusing the rest of the living world not realising that in doing so we are hurting ourselves - badly. 


The way the western world interacts with nature (and I am speaking here on a systems level - this isn't about blame) is a true reflection of how we see our little selves inside our skin, and the pain and suffering created when we do so.  This is projected out into our interactions, our relationships with all living things, including other humans. 


We need to reconnect to our true source, to nature - and to feel the sense of Mystery, Love, Protection, and Connection that flows through you and all other living things when we move together in Synchronicity.  We have lost touch with this symphony, this beautiful dance of Nature.


We seriously underestimate ourselves and the fantasticalness of what we are!!

Going out to nature, being in nature, can help us with this reconnection. Nature shows us so much about Safety, Evolution, Belonging, and Change - all key principles that promote positive health and well-being. Nature can teach us how to catch and store energy, bend with the wind, create our niche, and use our edge to step out of our comfort zones and rediscover the limitlessness of our being. Nature teaches us about patterns - cycles and rhythms of change, spirals of erosion and abundance, and of effective communication. Simply being present in nature supports our health and well being in myriad ways - and in this presence we can observe and begin to really sense and feel these mechanisms at play. We can then move inward, and start to explore how these mechanisms are working within us - beginning then to design a life that moves with the flow and harmony of the rest of existence. 

"the leaf is not upset that the oakleaf butterfuly stole its' idea. The universe is open source code"

Evolution (which the mind polarises into 'competition' or 'collaboration') expressed through 'Nic', 'Amy' & 'Oakleaf Butterfly' in a Nondual Therapy Session.  Amy is still laughing, in pure Joy, at her attempts to preserve herself through her ideas in the name of Survival.

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