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The 'not good enough' belief

"I am either someone to the world and no-one to myself, or no-one to the world and someone to myself" (Lucy) Our entire culture runs on the 'not good enough' belief. This is one of the core beliefs of the false/separate self. The structure of the 'person'. This belief makes us hide parts of ourselves away and 'performs' in our desire for 'success' and fear of 'failure'. Both 'success' and 'failure' are beliefs that run on the core 'not good enough' belief. The 'not good enough' belief is a belief that, at its' core, is a belief that says 'I am...not good enough to live. To survive. This belief can make us behave in pretty unkind ways towards ourselves and others. It is a belief of fear. All belief is. Our culture creates specific 'paths' that are believed to be what is needed for Survival. This is born largely out of the 'not good enough' belief and it is only the 'not good enough' belief that makes it possible to have these apparent non-existent paths. They are the 'not good enough' paths. This survival that these paths (thoughts) are made in the name of is already HERE and NOW. It's a given. You don't need to 'be someone' to survive. But our culture believes this to be so. Because our culture largely believes in the false/separate self. If you are struggling with your mental health, to the point where you are feeling like you are 'failing' then worry not. You are responding perfectly to a very poorly culture/society. The 'not good enough' belief is not your own. It is one big shared belief. It might look like 'success' in some ways but I promise you it is not - it just looks that way. Every 'person' is suffering. Because every 'person' is the 'not good enough' belief. It's all the 'person' is. The 'not good enough' belief is just one big belief expressing itself through different bodies in different ways. When you heal it for yourself, you heal it for the world - and you release the gifts that the world needs.

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