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The illusion of separation

"stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion" (Rumi)

All suffering arises from the simple belief - 'I am..a person being aware/conscious' rather than the truth 'I Am'... (awareness/consciousness).

This belief is created out of experiencing this moment through the lens of thought and identifying with that as what we, consciousness, are. (i.e a name, a story, and the labels and concepts that the mind forms to make sense of experience)

Out of this arises the belief that 'matter' precedes and produces consciousness rather than the truth that:

consciousness is primary to all of life.

Seeing through the lens of thought creates the illusion of separation and time, leading experiences of scarcity, fear, and desire - all of which are simply resistance to this present moment.

Experience in the present moment is resisted because I, consciousness, believe mySelf to be limited to the experience itself (thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions), rather than the limitless one being from which all experiencing is arising (consciousness). I, consciousness, have become identified with 'form' and so I suffer.

I believe mySelf to be limited to a body. I believe mySelf to be form.

'Form' (matter, the 'stuff') is always changing and so in identification with form there is an experience of fear and desire, looping around experience as we try to continuously uphold our sense of identity.

This is the experience of believing that we are a person (a thought) and is how the majority of people in the western world are living, albeit many with good intentions.

You are not 'being present', you are presence itself.






You are consciousness becoming conscious of yourself. This is your True Nature, and is everything that you have been searching for.

As you SENSE into and EXPRESS your deepest needs, you will find your True Nature.

Your Trauma will heal - and at the heart of every experience of pain and suffering there is golden creativity ready to be expressed.

You are full of knowledge, a knowledge far more potent than that of the thinking mind, and the world needs you.

Your soul is speaking to you. The way out is through. Your purpose is IN your pain!

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