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Life IS creating - Let's ride!

On the pathless path to WHOLENESS we try to find ourSelf - but what we are cannot be found.

Like a torch trying to shine on itself - YOU are that light and everything that you shine upon appears. Creates. Infinitely.

There is so much new age dogma in the spiritual spheres that points towards us needing to HEAL before we create, in order to be able to create. There's truth in this, but it's a half truth at best. In the heart of that which we believe we need to heal, there is golden wisdom that informs our reality, our creativity, our sense of purpose. HEALING IS CREATING! This is our pathless path to A NEW EARTH! But we need to start listening with whole body wisdom - to our deeper reality, and move in GRACE and pure potential.

Otherwise, one of two things tends to happen. We either continuously 'heal' and focus on problems for the rest of our lives, or we live just outside of our current sphere of 'knowing', surviving, just to get away from the past and no more. Just to be good enough and no more. We nowhere near reach our limitless potential because we are bound by belief and 'stuck' in a non-existent cycle. A cycle of the small and separate (non-existent) self.

Why does this 'stuckness' occur? Tension. There is a tension that pulls us back to our 'safe' reality through subconscious patterns of 'survival'. We make money - we lose it. We create peace. Chaos returns. What we want to create doesn't fit with our current 'identity' (hence the importance of the above - re: identification). Who and what you believe yourself to be IS that which creates your reality.

At a nervous system level - this is the container, transmitter, and channel for love. Most of our traumatised nervous systems have nowhere near the experience of the love that we are. Upgrading the nervous system - in and through loving awareness IS the simultaneous healing and creating!

Imagine the traumatised nervous system (pretty much experienced by everyone in an Economic Growth Society) as a big beautiful golden web that is a fractal of, and therefore connected to, the infinite universal web, and it is through this web/wiring/mycellium that love flows, as its' many different qualities (CONNECTION, MANIFESTATION, BLISS, BELONGING, FULFILLMENT, GRACE, TRUTH...) - but this web is full of knots. These knots appear and disappear depending on which quality is trying to flow through - if the quality of Connection is trying to flow through and it meets its knot (contraction) in the body-mind (finite mind), the experience is a stuckness in a loop of seeking intimacy and fearing loneliness. In MANIFESTATION, its' knot loops in the mind as a dance between chaos and creation. It is this that creates the experience of the individual personality.

As we HEAL we unlock the qualities of True Nature back into flow with this present moment - the body unites with the supreme soul and so we are freed to create as THAT, through the body vehicle.

Even when we are in contraction, we are creating - but we are doing so to maintain SAFETY, for SURVIVAL, as the BODY. When we guide the body to see what it is - we move from surviving to thriving. When we realise that success is not personal we magnetise our minds. No longer are we in a state of ‘doership’ based on impressing, pleasing, or being a good girl or boy. No longer are we creating as a means of surviving – knowing that we cannot be touched by any experience, we fall into the GRACE of an expansive manifestation.

We live!!!

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