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The reason why trauma healing is considered to be 'hard work', 'rough', because we are still moving from the space of believing that we are limited to the body-mind .

We still believe that we are limited to 'The 'person' - an idea and a story in the mind with a range of associated 'patternings' and sensations (tensions) in the body that have developed over time.

And so, when we go to do the healing work, which requires us to 'feel' and 'remember' in the moment (the feelings that were once 'numbed' or resisted are amplified) - we unlock a storm of past pains and emotions that have been desperately waiting to be freed from the body-mind.

It's all a movement of freedom. Everything that is ever happening in the HERE and NOW is THIS!

This works because, what YOU ARE, which is the free, conscious, aware, space that knows this to be true, is directed to get to work -


BUT - if we are identifying as the thing that we know (are aware of) rather than the knowing (awareness) itself which is already free, the emotion gets louder, stronger, 'wilder'.

If we are not resting AS AWARENESS when we go to these emotions, sensations, thoughts, even once we have stopped 'judging' and moved into a 'rule' of accepting what is here, there is still the subtle resistance of the thinking mind in the background -

This is the 'ego'.

But if we recognise ourself to be that knowing - that clean, pristine, untouchable infinite FREE space that is AWARE of the emotion, we don't experience the sense of being engulfed by it. And even if we do, the person that is guiding you does know this, and is resting AS AWARENESS

Supporting YOU, as YOU

Because we are the exact, same, (no)thing.

Knowing that you are already FREEDOM ITSELF.

We need to go beyond the ego, not use the ego to 'get rid of the 'problem'.

The only problem that ever exists is in the mind/the ego.

The ego (mind) will ALWAYS BE RESISTING - and so this resistance makes the feelings stronger.


As long as we are identifying with our thoughts and feelings as what we are (or what we are limited to) we will continue to suffer in some way.

This is why so many Psychologists' or therapists in the western world disband from their profession once Self Realisation occurs.


It no longer makes sense to 'work with thought' as the primary 'way' - this is reinforcing the problem

but rather we allow thought to flow in the FREEDOM THAT WE ARE AS AWARENESS - without resistance.

It no longer makes sense to 'work with the identity and the 'ideas about the world' - but rather to recognise our TRUE identity as AWARENESS - the unchanging 'space' which lovingly knows all experience and welcomes all experience wholeheartedly but is NEVER affected by it -

You love it unconditionally

YOU have no wish to change it

and it does not change you. At all.

But it does change, because that is the nature of every 'thing'...FREEDOM (to change)

But YOU remain.

And YOU ARE......








This is also where we get 'stuck' on the spiritual path. Because we have had an experience of self-realisation and so consciousness is 'permitted' by the mind for, most often, a very limited period, to get to work in allowing all experience to flow - it stops holding on to past pain.

But somewhere along the line the thinking mind grasps at the understanding (because all it wants is LOVE and FREEDOM) - with CONCEPTS....

'I Am not the BODY'

'I Am not the MIND'

But it's still the mind saying it - it's still RESISTANCE. It's still thought.

Thought tries to know (it's all it is doing) but it can never know.

And so now we have a new 'enlightened' ego that is trying to get rid of itself - working very hard knowing that to feel and be aware is how it finds its freedom. So instead of being truly identified with ourself as awareness, the thought (resistance)...'I AM NOT THE BODY' is the one that is 'Being AWARE' of the feeling.

We get stuck in a spiritual bypass - and it can be sooooo subtle and super painful.

This is why we need support in the process. To be with someone that rests with you as the loving presence that YOU ARE TOO - so that our patterns and pains can move as they need to move, in TOTAL FREEDOM

🌸As the PEACE that we ARE🌸

Namaste beautiful souls 💜💫🦋