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and Sustainable Schools Programme

Cae Tan CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture Project based on The Gower Peninsula in South Wales. They grow & supply fresh, seasonal, biodynamic produce to members weekly & all year round.  They also offer training & volunteering opportunities to a range of groups & individuals, and work with local schools to raise awareness of sustainable farming & reconnect young people to the land & their food.

Over the past year I have been honoured to carry out the initial evaluation activities for the Sustainable Schools programme which has been a wonderful experience.  The feedback from all of those involved in the programme has been overwhelmingly positive and there are exciting plans afoot for Cae Tan in their future work with local schools and wider education activities. I will be to continuing to work alongside the team through the next phase of evaluation. This is a wonderful programme that offers promising outcomes for people and planet.  It is an absolute pleasure to be on board with this and I have so far loved every moment. I have never heard children speak so enthusiastically about tomatoes and bees -what a tonic!!

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and Old Hall CSA

Ash & Elm Horticulture is a partnership developed by Emma Maxwell and her husband David Ashley, based on the beautiful smallholding 'Cae Felyn' in Mid Wales (Llanidloes).  Emma and Dave have worked tirelessly for the past ten years to develop a truly stunning 5 acres of land using the principles of agroecology, and an immense amount of heart and soul. The land provides fruit and vegetables to feed the family, those who come to work and 'be' on the land, and the local community through a local organic food store (Great Oak Foods), a shared growers market stall (Fresh and Local), and this year started a weekly subscription veg box scheme as a Community Supported Agriculture (Old Hall CSA) development. 

I have been gifted with the privilege of being able to live, work, and be at Cae Felyn  and well, what can I say? This place is paradise!! I'm also really excited to say that we are in the process of working together to develop their project further as a centre for well-being and learning and recently piloted the first land based Work and Wellness experience to members of the local community. This received great feedback and we are really excited to move forward with plans to share the gifts that nature offers in this beautiful place! 

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming blog where I share how Cae Felyn has deepened my own connection to nature!

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It's the Spirals to the Permalution

The Rekalibrator is tool developed by David Spence to support people to reflect on their health and well-being.  David tours with the Rekalibrator, a triple spiral labyrinth that is laid out on the ground with rope - with each spiral representing each of the three ethical principles of Earth Care, Fair Share, and People Care. 

I first did the Rekalibrator as a meditation during my training with Think Like A Tree and it had a profound impact upon my understanding of how life was for me in the present moment. I have walked it again recently and, like many others, it has again allowed me to reflect and take stock, and to understand my intimate relationship with all that is.

I'm delighted to say that David and I have connected and agreed to collaborate with our projects - supporting others to reflect, take stock, and to explore how to make changes that will support health and well-being. 

If you are interested in the Rekalibrator visiting your town, school, or organisation...get in touch here or through the Rekalibrator website

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Forest Trees

Unlocking Nature's Secrets to Happiness and Well-Being

Making the connection with Sarah Spencer, author of Think Like A Tree and developer of the design course, was beautifully timed in the process of developing The Permacare Project.  I was honoured to stay with Sarah whilst learning the programme and training to become a facilitator, and to be entrusted with taking this out into the world. 

Sarah and the other facilitators are a very diverse and inspiring bunch of beings, and making these connections really does support us to learn and grow. I have great confidence that this programme can support others to grow, to reach their potential, and live fulfilled and happy lives. To be on board makes my heart swell!! 

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