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Light Touch Integration
Returning to Wholeness and Being - Creating from HERE!

From Surviving.....

Light Touch Integration is a therapeutic coaching programme for people who are experiencing struggles with their mental/emotional/social well-being, those who are aware that they are experiencing spiritual awakening/spiritual emergency, and those that are moved to live the wholeness of life from nondual seeing and expression. It is grounded in nonduality with supporting principles and practices relating to nature reconnection and heart-mind integration.

If you are experiencing mental health difficulties in this current time there is NOT SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU. You are a deeply intuitive being responding perfectly, exactly as you are. 

YOU ARE NOT FAILING and you are not a failure. Your experience makes perfect sense. Every experience does. Failure is a word, an idea, based on a very narrow cultural view. Nothing is a failure. Nothing. 

YOU DO HAVE A FUTURE AND YOU ARE GOLD! Ultimately, 'the future' is an idea, there is 'only' really Here and Now. But, as far as we can invest in it you are the GOLD that can create a new future for this beautiful planet. An emergent culture that cuts through the nonsense and into a place of love, unity, and regeneration. Your suffering is absolute GOLD and is full of CREATIVITY, DEEP KNOWING, UNDERSTANDING, and SEEING. You just need support to understand it and set it free. thriving!

Gold Liquid


Are. GOLD!

Your experience of 'poor mental health' is absolute GOLD for where we are in society.  You are reflecting life perfectly and are so full of wisdom. 

"there's a song that wants to sing itself through us. We just got to be available"
                     Joanna Macy

The Light Touch Integration programme will take you on a journey of deep therapeutic creation, where you heal deeply not only for yourself, but for your collective culture. This is a journey of soul connection, where you learn to speak and create from the depths of your authenticity and unique expression with ease and flow, in alignment with what you are beyond your personal story. This is where healing, growth, and creativity become one.

You will be supported to heal through discovering your True Nature and inherent well-being, to bring heaven into earth, and to create from a place that supports a thriving evolution for our planet, by taking care of yourself and calling forth your essence into the world!

This is a journey of exploration into the nature of reality AND our experience as humans in the world today, guided by the natural world. You will begin to see clearly that within our deepest struggles, pain, and suffering there is beautiful golden medicine waiting to be transmuted, alchemised, and shared with the world.

It's time to live life from your own inner guru. Light Touch Integration will show you how.


12 Phase Healing Cycle

3 day online retreat and four 1-1 sessions per phase

Choose to take the whole journey or dive into a single phase - with some guidance your inner guru will show you what you need. 


Your Pace

Allowing for life to move exactly as it is, and for integration to take place is important - we will work with how life is moving through your specific design and needs.

WFH Setup

Online & with nature

Stay cosy at home while we work together and immerse yourself in nature, in your own time and space


Manageable Payment Plans

Flexible payment plans or a 10% discount if you pay in full for the one year journey.  Choose to dive in to one specific phase, do a weekend 1-1 intensive with Amy - or journey with her for a full year of soul connection and purpose inspired healing and creating

sunset helping hand.jpg

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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