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Your Free Discovery Session

Informed choice means the world to me and has been a huge value that I have held close throughout my 10 years of therapeutic practice. It is an expression of the qualities of CHOICE, VALUE, TRUST, TRUTH, CLARITY and SAFETY, to name a few.


Following from my deeper understanding of being Soul Led, and my own experience of being guided in self-inquiry with a Nondual Therapist, the sense I have for you in this NEED to follow what your heart says YES to  is absolutely paramount to the effectiveness of your inquiry into your True Nature. This creates a deepening of trust in yourself , your own wisdom, and your DIRECT EXPERIENCE of reality as you begin to see the falsities in the conditioned mind. 


This is why I have created the website in the way I have, so that you can allow consciousness to explore and speak to you about the different ways that we can work to support you as you journey around the different pages.  Then we can come together in your free session and carve out an initial idea of what your journey might look like. 


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Meanwhile, there is a little welcome video for you further down this page.

(please note that only one Discovery Session will be offered. If this is not attended then fees apply with any further sessions booked)


Shifting Perspectives

In wisdom I know I am nothing, in love I know I am everything, and between the two my life moves" -

(Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

"The sorrow, grief, and rage you feel is a measure of your humanity and your emotional maturity. As your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal"

(Joanna Macy)

"I never wanted to be well-rounded. I do not admire well-rounded people, nor their work. So far as I can see nothing good in the world has ever been done by well-rounded people. The good work is done by people with jagged broken edges, because those edges cut things and leave an imprint, a design"

(Harry Crewes)

Your experience in the form of thought, feeling, sensation, and perception is trying to find its way back home - and your suffering has reached a point that its time to do and see the radical truth of your nature.

You are everything you have been searching for.

I promise. 

I am not your therapist. 


I am not your teacher.

I Am. You Are. We Are 


exploring, sensing, seeing, experiencing, being

The Life that we are

with curiosity and open heartedness.

You. Are.Consciousness

I see you...

presented with an amazing opportunity to explore   yourself and discover a depth of well-being and true connection that the majority of society are struggling to access because we are so lost in our identification with form and 'being someone', wearing and fixing the masks, the costumes of who and what we BELIEVE we are.

You Are.Healing

I see you...

ready to go deeper, beyond the illusion of the personality and associated sense of scarcity,   blame, and shame that our society so readily (albeit innocently at its' core) encourages, with a readiness to heal yourself AND the world, at the same time.

You. Are. Here!

I see you 


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Light Touch Integration
The Being IS the Doing

Let your heart lead the way and allow awareness to unravel your limitations

A huge part of my journey has been to follow what my heart loves, in creation as this essence of life that I am. It has been, and continues to be, a beautiful path in further deepening into mySelf as True Nature and an unraveling of all of the apparent expectations that I have experienced from 'society' and the culturally shaped 'path of success' that is so heavily expressed in mainstream, therapeutic, and spiritual communities. 


 Often as humans we are being led by our fears and beliefs around scarcity, always trying to resolve these through our activities as our mind gets stuck in loops of fear and desire around our free flowing expression as this One Life that WE ARE.


This is Karma. 

But we can step off the wheel when we learn to be lead by the intelligence of the heart and feeling, instead of being dragged along in the mud by the beliefs of the thinking mind (conditioning/the experience of the separate self).


We can live a much more authentic and fulfilled life when we operate from a place of expansion - whilst allowing our contracted ways of being (conditioning) to be healed as our True Nature in the process. We are full of creativity!


The Light Touch Integration 1-1 coaching and group workshop packages can support you to explore this.  

This IS the journeyless journey.

 The road to nowhere and everywhere.

The embracing of the paradox.

As we search for the Self - all that we have ever been seeking to be, to do, and already ARE....IS!

You can find out more about the Light Touch Integration programme here and if you would like to explore more then you can book a Discovery Session with me.

Also, you can subscribe to my email list and when the Light Touch Integration Members Area is up and running, you will get free access. There will be more free info on each phase of the programme and eventually, ways that you can engage in the work through the website. 

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