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Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares

Engaging with life through heart and mind

Caring for the Earth

Nature's design produces no waste, only uses what it needs, catches and stores energy, and ensures a balance in diversity, living in co-operative relationship with all that is. It is one big beautiful creation, and we as humans are that too! We are also the creators and the designers along with all other beings - and by tapping into nature's intelligence we can make simple changes that together can emerge into sustainable human systems.

Too often it is the case that it is assumed that to care for the earth is to make some kind of self sacrifice. This couldn't be further from the truth. Change, yes. Sacrifice, no. We are in relationship with all of life, and care for the earth shows us the true limitless reciprocity involved when we change our behaviours to become more in tune with how nature works. Nature guarantees that it will give back far more than we can imagine, and the changes that we make can be more life changing and liberating than we could have ever dreamed of. 


Caring for Self and Other

We all have within us a limitless supply of love, care, and compassion at the core of our being. It is when acting from this place that we feel the strongest sense of well-being. Modern society can challenge this at times, where our minds can become conditioned to rather acting from a place of judgement, fear, or scarcity which can make us  feel like we have no more to give. Starting with directing this care inwards to the self, to change our inner climate, is how we can then sense the abundance of care that we have within us to share with others. To do so, we can reach out to others in our wider world for help and support and allow and accept others when they do the same.


Promoting Fair Share in Society

All ecosystems survive based on principles around fair share of resources amongst diverse populations. Those human societies and systems that have become disconnected from nature throughout the world have also become disconnected from this key principle, creating a sense of scarcity and inequality that has resulted in devastating consequences for many. Nature provides an abundance of resources to support the world's populations in relation to basic needs for food and shelter, to support for social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. Significant systemic change is required through innovative approaches that have an intimate connection with nature if we are to close the inequality gaps in societies.  Such approaches can only be truly born out of a change within ourselves - to recognise the abundance, to take what we need, and leave or share what we don't.  It's that simple!

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    "we are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams"

(Arthur O'Shaughnessy)

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