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The Rekalibrator is a labyrinth designed to sync people up with what’s important to their health and well-being. It’s not about being told what it will do for you; it’s about you understand how certain things affect you, as an individual and then being able to revaluate what’s important to you. It’s called the Rekalibrator because if a person does not understand these things how can they make the correct decisions as they travel though life; therefore the idea is for you to take a short time out of your present lifestyle then recalibrate your life making the correct decisions that’s best for you.

(David Spence, Founder of the Rekalibrator)

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I am delighted to have connected with David and the Rekalibrator, and to have agreed to work together in supporting others to take a moment to consider their health and well being in such a simple but profoundly effective way.  The Permacare Project will be touring with The Rekalibrator over the coming months. If you are interested in us visiting your town, school, business, or community project then get in touch here.

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"Thanks to David Spence AKA the Rekalibrator we had a great day celebrating music, art, people and place. Congratulations to those that came along and got 'rekalibrated'..There was not a single person that didn't make a significant positive shift by being involved in the process...the comments made by all are a testament to this amazing model for community development...Dave drove from Stockton to help us improve the vibe of Doncaster through the powerful message of permaculture...My mission is to get enough support to create a permanent structure in our town for future generations to follow...I rarely fail!"

 - Community trailblazer and Rekalibrator   participant

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