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Non-Duality and Non-Dual Therapy

Resourcing from the infinite ground of Being

Non-duality means 'not two' and recognises that we are/life is, one seamless whole, not split into parts.  This is often referred to as The Self, or True Nature, recognising that life is one consciousness/awareness and that the experience of a separate self is an illusion that is the cause of our suffering. Non-duality, when discovered experientially, is not a philosophy, belief system, or theory but is a direct seeing and experience of the nature of reality. When we recognise that we are all that is we are no longer attached to the ideas relating to what we THINK we are lacking and rather sense into the truth that we are whole, eternal, and are made of the very qualities that we are seeking through 'doership', and 'things'. Non-dual therapy supports you to recognise this and to resource the qualities of your being, that are always here and now, (i.e. peace, bliss, clarity, connection, love, freedom) whilst exploring the story of what you THINK you are and what this story (collection of experiences) needs to come back into flow with your True Nature. This work is done FROM your being (The Self), that YOU which has never been (and never can be) hurt or threatened, to support in unconditional love and clarity, the parts of you that have. Non-dual therapy supports us to unravel the cultural conditioning (the stories that we have been told) and to embrace the experience of this in the body and psyche so that you can discover your innate freedom and belonging as this one life that we are.

   Belief in a Separate (False) Self

The experience of a separate self is simply that, an experience. In the same way that going for a walk, riding on a rollercoaster, or feeling the wind and rain on the skin is an experience, so is the experience of being an individual limited to a specific  personality in a specific body, bound by a life story (set of beliefs and assumptions about reality). The separate self is an experience created by the thinking mind and YOU - awareness/consciousness, becomes apparently attached to this creation in the mind.  We have the experience of losing the sense of our beingness (and all of our innate qualities and resources) and so spend our lives suffering as we search for our True Self - which is always here, now, in this moment as what we are. YOU are the one experiencing the sense of being a person.  You are the one that knows the experience. You are NOT the experience, and you are never hurt by any experience (thought, feeling, sensation, perception)  that you know.  You simply are. Here. Now. This present moment.

  Cancelling/Selecting Experience

When we do experience pain in response to significant life events there is a subtle or not so subtle message given to us around negation of experience, where we are guided through an apparent process as a means of moving this experience from our field of awareness. The way that we are often met when we seek support has the energy of this point of view.  This point of view is bound in the illusion of separation where we develop preferences for certain experiences (i.e.happiness, good health, birth) , and aversions to other (sadness, pain and grief, death), and develop associated strategies to try to get what we want from the present moment - and so missing the beauty in all experience that is this one life that we are. Our liberation from the illusion of the separate self is thus not about trying to get rid of any experience that is here now, but rather taking a curious and courageous seeing of it (surrender) whilst simultaneously unravelling the beliefs and assumptions about our experience that have been created over time.   

                  Ego Integration
Resourcing the Qualities of True Nature

Because the thinking mind is simply that, thinking, it does not know Beingness (True Nature) but it is made of it. Our suffering occurs as a result of the mind trying to find the qualities of True Nature (Beingness) through grasping (desire) and aversion (fear) as distortions in patterns of thinking and behaviour. These are known as contractions of qualities of True Nature. For example, in seeking the connection that is always present, the mind grasps for intimacy and fears loneliness. In seeking Belonging the mind grasps for acceptance and avoids rejection. Only when we are supported to rest here and now and experience the felt sense of this suffering in the body can we experience the very quality that these distorted thought patterns are seeking.  We recognise the sense of Belonging and Connection that is always here, as the one being that we are, and recognise ourselves beyond the illusion of separation. This is true healing, as we allow the experience of the separate self to come back into flow with our True Nature. 

              Nature as Teacher

         (Co-creating a New Earth)

     "Love, and do what you want"

Nature has a stunning power to support us to sense our shared being (that can only be accessed when we are experiencing through a state of presence) providing us with the safe ground from which to express ourselves. The non-human living world, because it doesn't think, expresses really easily the qualities of our true being without being distorted by the conditioned mind. Being with nature and learning from nature helps us to feel into our own pure being, helps us to disqualify the illusion of separation, and offers us key patterns to help us observe ourselves, and key principles on how to live life from our True Nature.

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Check out this podcast episode with Nic Higham (Nisarga Yoga) and Paul Dobson - and thank you to you both for sharing non-dual seeing so clearly!

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