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Being in the space of compassion and care

Amy is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Non-Dual Psychotherapist, Breathwork Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, and Spiritual Coach.  She has a background in child and family mental health, social care, permaculture design, and land based living. Having worked with the NHS for 8 years she founded The Permacare Project, an organisation that takes an holistic approach to meeting human/societal problems within the context of the intelligence of the wider living world.  In 2020 she experienced profound spiritual awakening which completely shifted how she sees and understands the human experience in relation to our suffering and how we return to our natural state of well-being. Amy works from the ground of being/non-dual seeing and remains committed to evidence based process and practice within this understanding. She does this through the movement of compassion and heart-mind integration in a state of deep loving presence. She delivers one-to-one psychological therapy, community project evaluation and consultation, and training/workshops for individuals and organisations. She gives a strong focus to the well-being of staff and volunteers in the caring professions, parents, and carers.   

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Offerings and Services

Psychotherapy, mentoring, and guidance for adults and young people

Working with Amy will support you in a confidential and compassionate space to gain a deeper insight and clarity around your experience, to tap into your own inner wisdom, and provide release from suffering.

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Project Evaluation and Consultation

Cast a wide and detailed net over the content, processes, and outcomes involved in delivering programmes that are committed to working from the values of Earth Care, Fair Shares, and People Care. 

Conscious Parenting Support

In a deeply respectful and compassionate space Amy will support you to move into the heart of conscious parenting, to tap into the inner wisdom of the unique relationship you have with your child. This is a space where you can resolve problems free from judgement and what society tells you about how to parent your child.

Bespoke staff training and workshops

Through an initial free consultation we will identify your specific needs.  From there we can develop bespoke retreats, workshops, training courses, and consultation sessions to support you to bring evidence-based practice and/or nature reconnection creatively into the heart of your work.

Caring for the caring professsions

The well-being of those who care for others is integral to the success and SAFE provision of care and support. This service is an offer to explore staff well-being within your organisation so that simple, dynamic solutions can be generated. This will ensure that your organisation is invigorated with healthy and connected healers.

Think like a tree

Think like a tree is a course developed to support us to explore the patterns and principles inherent in the success of nature's intelligent design.  Based on the principles of permaculture, we can learn to apply these in intuitive and creative ways to approach life's challenges and to create new ideas. The course can be delivered to groups, families, teams, or as one-to-one coaching.

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“ My daughter has sadly been suffering severe mental health challenges since 2017 . As a Mum I tried my upmost to try and “ fix” her issues , sadly to no avail . Then in desperation I reached out for support for myself in early 2021 and thankfully found Amy . I have found our weekly sessions both supportive and enlightening . I have been encouraged to embrace the concept of “ just being “ in the moment rather than trying to “fix “ all the time . As a result I feel lighter in myself and better able to support my daughter . I can’t recommend Amy highly enough . She is compassionate as well as being highly skilled and most importantly has the confidence to flex each session depending on my needs - I never feel that I am being taken through a process , rather I always feel genuinely listened to “

Conscious parenting support


The Permacare Project has taken the pledge to endorse the Mental Health Media Charter. 

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