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Expressing Nonduality in Evidence Based Process and Practice through the voice of the natural world

Trauma Informed Healing as The Limitless One

One-to-one Non-Dual Therapy

Self-Enquiry & Ego Integration

Therapeutic Coaching 

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Are. GOLD!

Your experience of 'poor mental health' is absolute GOLD for where we are in society.  You are reflecting life perfectly and are so full of wisdom. 

The 'not good enough' belief.

"I am either someone to the world and no-one to myself, or no-one to the world and someone to myself" (Lucy)

Our entire culture runs on the 'not good enough' belief.

This is one of the core beliefs of the false/separate self.

The structure of the 'person'.

This belief makes us hide parts of ourselves away and 'performs' in our desire for 'success' and fear of 'failure'. Both 'success' and 'failure' are beliefs that run on the core 'not good enough' belief.

The 'not good enough' belief is a belief that, at its' core, is a belief that says 'I am...not good enough to live. To survive. 

This belief can make us behave in pretty unkind ways towards ourselves and others.

It is a belief of fear.  All belief is. 

Our culture creates specific 'paths' that are believed to be what is needed for
Survival.  This is born largely out of the 'not good enough' belief and it is only the 'not good enough' belief that makes it possible to have these apparent non-existent paths. They are the 'not good enough' paths.

This survival that these paths (thoughts) are made in the name of is already
HERE and NOW. 

It's a given.

You don't need to 'be someone' to survive. But our culture believes this to be so. Because our culture largely believes in the false/separate self. 

If you are struggling with your mental health, to the point where you are feeling like you are 'failing' then worry not. You are responding perfectly to a very poorly culture/society. 

The 'not good enough' belief is not your own. It is one big shared belief. It might look like 'success' in some ways but I promise you it is not - it just looks that way. Every 'person' is suffering. Because every 'person' is the 'not good enough' belief. It's all the 'person' is.  

The 'not good enough' belief is just one big belief expressing itself through different bodies in different ways. When you heal it for yourself, you heal it for the world - and you release the gifts that the world needs. 

Mining for gold with the light touch of consciousness

I know you are feeling really rubbish right now. Like you are living in the shadows. I promise you though, being in the shadows in a culture running the way ours' is at the moment is not a bad thing. It feels crap because you feel alone and believe you are failing. The truth is you are neither.

You're absolutely perfect.

You are
Love and Connection itself. 

The parts of ourselves that we hide away are our
GIFTS. You are in an amazing position. Because 'life' in our culture isn't feeling like it is 'working' for you, you are FREE to explore and release those gifts. Our gifts live in the shadows of our culture because our culture doesn't accept them. They don't fit with an Industrial/Economic Growth Society

The good news? - This society is collapsing - and because you aren't in the illusion of 'success' you're already off the wheel. You are golden seeds in fertile soil - seeds that we, consciousness, will support to bloom into the EXACT medicine that society will need to reorganise itself in a new way. 


These golden seeds are in the heart of your pain. Your trauma. Your 'darkness'. They just need the light of awareness to grow and THIS, is what we will do here together.

These are gifts that our culture needs for 
HEALING. Simply because they are the parts of our culture that are being hidden away, and our culture is suffering because we don't have them in our world. We're not experiencing our WHOLENESS. We are only experiencing the 'pretending' parts. 

With the right help and support, you can rediscover your
True Nature, your unique gifts, and express yourself freely in the world, relieving the symptoms of the 'not good enough' belief for yourself and our culture. 

You are more than


Your unique gifts are right in the heart of your struggles - your beliefs, feelings, and experiences that people around you, and likely yourself, are trying to change. 

We just need to look in a different way and stop paying attention to what society is telling us about how life is supposed to look. 



Glen Noe Snow.jpeg



"We need to stop approaching 'people with 'mental health difficulties' and addictions as a problem that needs to be fixed, or to simply tick boxes in the name of inclusion in society. We need to honour, wholeheartedly, and listen, deeply, to what wants to be said to the world from this experience of suffering, and what wants to be created.  Our future depends on it"

                                                          Amy Ward (Light Touch Integration)

"It's not enough to simply engage a person, to have them arrive and be included. We need to MEET NEEDS and HEAL through the journey. To PARTICIPATE and CREATE through our own unique expression. To call forth our essence into the world. From this space our mental and emotional suffering becomes a catalyst, an opportunity, to DESIGN as the LIFE THAT WE ARE"

(presentation to National Museum Cardiff Read Full Here)

Glen Noe Snow.jpeg

Nondual Therapy

Trauma healing and ego-integration

Releasing contractions in the psyche back into the flow of True Nature's Qualities

Where spirituality meets science


Nature Connection

Embody the teachings of a guru we can truly trust 

Discover the portholes to True Nature through connection with the natural world


Heart-Mind Integration

Bring the body into alignment with the intelligence of the heart

Live life from intuition and flow

Ignite your internal powerhouse -empowerment through the vagus nerve

"give your attention to the experience of seeing rather than the object seen and you will find yourself everywhere" (Rupert Spira)

"stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion" (Rumi)

You are not 'being present', you are presence itself.






You are not 'being aware' as an activity - this is your nature, you are 'aware being'

You are consciousness becoming conscious of yourself. This is your True Nature, and is everything that you have been searching for. 

As you SENSE into and EXPRESS your deepest needs, you will find your True Nature. 

Your Trauma will heal - and at the heart of every experience of pain and suffering there is golden creativity ready to be expressed.


You are full of knowledge, a knowledge far more potent than that of the thinking mind, and the world needs you.  

Your soul is speaking to you. The way out is through. Your purpose is IN your pain!

"Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you"   Rumi

I Am...Consciousness, expressing mySelf as... Amy!

Hi. I'm Amy and I am a fellow being who practices in Nondual Therapy and spiritual (Nondual) coaching and mentoring.


 Following practicing as a Psychologist with the NHS for 8 years, I experienced profound Nondual spiritual awakening and realised mySelf to be consciousness. I also realised that there is only one of me and I am the ground of life. I know that YOU ARE that same ONE. 

Nondual Therapy and my deep connection and love for the natural world has shown me the path to truth, love, and wholeness.

Nondual Therapy coupled with nature connection is magic in motion! Super safe, and super radical at the same time!

I now practice Nondual Therapy as a way to support myself and also to support others, because all other ways of working that I had learned as a psychologist are based on the illusion of separation (the story of who we THINK we are). 

I am also trained in spiritual/life coaching, breathwork, and have learned shamanic practice along with traditional western psychological therapies as a means of supporting you to release the tension that is the experience of the finite mind/body-mind/separate self should we wish to pick these up together as tools in our work.


Work with me


We will work together in the space of compassion, deep presence, and openheartedness to support you to discover your True Nature and bring your past experiences (held as contractions in the body-mind) back into flow with the present moment.  We will deconstruct your conditioned beliefs (your idea of personhood), and support you to sink your mind into the heart of your True Nature and unlock an endless well of creativity as this one life that we are, with nature as our guru, and following the intelligence of the head, heart, and belly.


Your nervous system is the tree of life!

I know that this is what the world of form needs - because when we align the experience of the person with True Nature (via the intelligence of the heart), the world heals as we express and create as the life that we are. 



1-1 Nondual Therapy

£70 p/h

Working from the ground of being to release you from suffering through exploring your experience as the qualities of True Nature

1-1 Self- Enquiry and Ego-integration

£70 p/h

Supporting you to integrate Nondual seeing and/or spiritual awakening as a grounded, embodied human being - or to begin to explore your True Nature and inquire into The Self.


Light Touch Integration Therapeutic Coaching Intensive
from £300

Integrating Nondual Therapy, Nature Connection, and Heart-mind integration in a 12 phase spiral of healing and creating. Call forth your essence into the world and live a soul led life 


Workshop for your organisation

Sharing the teachings of True Nature and Heart-Mind integration to support the well-being of your staff and clients and igniting a soul led evolution for your organisation that harmonises with the voice of the natural living world.

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